Nano Bubble Hydro Spa 

Nano Bath

Effective in deep cleansing, removing dirt from the pores.
It helps to unclog pores and release dirty impurities lying on the surface of the skin. The Nano Bubbles released are also negatively charged which allows them to bond with impurities and float them out. That’s why at the end of the spa session, you’ll find a film of gunk floating at the surface of the tub.


Filtered Shower heads, No harsh chemicals used 
​Filtered micro bubble shower heads for clean shower. No harsh chemicals are used. Hence, safer for dog's coat and skin. 

It helps to remove odour with a long lasting effect. 
When the pores are unclogged and deep cleansed, it will prevent bacteria growth and yeast infections. Promoting a cleaner and healthier resilient skin. 


Suitable for both dogs with sensitive, oily, dry or itchy skin. 
This spa will be useful for pets with sensitive skin, by cleansing the top layer of bacteria growth, this prevents with normal skin can also go for this treatment to further prevent skin issues.