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Boutique . Puppy Land 

7 Kampong Bahru Road

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Singapore 169342

Spa & Salon . Daycare . Grooming Academy 

5A/7A Kampong Bahru Road

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Singapore 169341

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The Alma Water does not irritate the skin even though the Alma Water is alkaline pH12.5. The Alma Water becomes slightly acidic pH5.6 at the moment you touch the skin.


The Alma Water is alkaline pH12.5

Even alkalophilic bacteria cannot live over pH10.5. Environment can keep away bacteria from developing for long hours.


⭐️For Face, Coat, Paws ....

Face: Wipe off eye mucus with a cotton or gauze moistened with ALMA WATER


Skin: Wipe after spraying the ALMA WATER on eczema, redness and itching point


Paws: Wipe off after spraying the ALMA WATER directly to paws


Coat: Wipe off after spraying the ALMA WATER directly to the whole body coat


⭐️After Eating ...

The high cleaning power of ALMA WATER breaks down the dirt, lipid and protein

Wipe off the greasy dirt around the mouth and rub with a towel or gauze moistened with ALMA WATER


⭐️After Peeing/Pooing ...

The ALMA WATER makes the true odor eliminating without masking agents. Spraying the ALMA WATER can eliminate bad odor.


⭐️After Walking ...

ALMA WATER does not contain chemicals, dirt and lipids will be peeled off by the same action as the static electricity. After your walk, wipe with a towel after spraying the body as an alternative to the shampoo


⭐️Before Brushing ...

ALMA WATER inhibits the adhesion of dust and keeps the effect of after using. When brushing after spray the entire coat, it becomes shiny, smooth and further reduces the static electricity.


ALMA WATER gives moisture to the coat as well as skin because it is a very low surface tension than water. Unlike the typical alkaline ionized water in the market, ALMA WATER is safe to penetrate into the skin because it does not degrade the membrane protein.

Alma Water

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