Dollhouse Pets retail isn't your typical pet mart.


We are dedicated to helping you find the best natural solutions for your pets.


Pet accessories and fashion needs for your fur kid!


High quality and durable pet grooming products


Dollhouse Pets retail boutique isn't your typical pet mart. 

We reserved our retail spots for the best pet products you can find. Our retail section carries a wide range of Raw Food a.k.a. Barf Diet, Premium Grain-Free Kibbles, and a some of the best grooming products such as shampoos, mists, and also skin-care products catered to pets with skin issues.  


We are dedicated to helping you find the best natural solutions for your pets.

In addition to pet food and dietary needs, we also carry natural pet healing products that will help to aid skin issues like Fungal Infections, Ringworms and even Eczema. We will also recommend the different natural sprays/remedies which can help you to combat ticks and fleas. 


Pet Accessories, Fashion Needs

Keep your pet feelin’ pretty and fashionable with our wide range of clothes, toys,  bags, beds, costumes and accessories. You’re always welcomed to bring your furkids here to try the clothes, collars and bags out to get the perfect fit. Drop by to give your furbie a fashion makeover! 


Grooming Tools

Need some nifty help in grooming for your pets at home? You can purchase high quality durable pet grooming products like stainless steel combs, pin brushes, slicker brushes, nail clippers, shavers and undercoat removers. Facing difficulties in grooming your pet? We also provide tips and advice on how to groom your pets at home.


Need advice and tips? We are here to help!

Drop by and talk to our friendly and helpful staff who will attend to your enquiries and provide you with sound advice about your pet's nutritional needs, fashionistic needs and most importantly, their well-being. We will provide tips, tricks best suited to your pet's breed. 

Pet Toys
Some of the brands we carry:
K9 Natural 
Dr B Barf Diet
Dom & Cleo
Big Dog Barf Diet
Ziwi Peak
Taste of the Wild
Madan Premium Grooming Tools
Nature's 1