• All in one service with a haircut!

  • Perfect for pets who just need a freshen up without a haircut

    $45 - 55
  • Get clean and fluffy!

  • Paw Pad Shaving | Sanitary Area Shaving | Fringe Trimming

    $10 per item
  • Did you know your pet needs a nail trim every 2-4 weeks?

  • add-on service for Full Groom / Basic Groom / Bath and Fluff


Grooming Salon and Spa 

WHY choose us?


Here's why!

  • Our certified stylists are highly experienced and award-winning pet groomers who genuinely love animals and are constantly kept abreast with the latest grooming styles and techniques.

  • We provide personal consultations for each pet prior to every pet grooming session to find out about his/her preferred grooming style, needs or special requirements.

  • Our stylists and pet groomers give you feedback after every grooming session on the general health condition of your pet.

  • We have clean and comfortable holding areas for your pets as compared to dingy metal cages used in many pet shops and grooming salons. 

  • We have state-of-the-art equipment: built-in spa tubs, microbubble shower head to filter the water and to provide deep cleansing,

  • We use hypoallergenic shampoos that are gentle enough for all skin types.

  • We take pride in ensuring a sanitary and clean environment.

  • Most importantly, we have full glass panels, so you can have total peace of mind while you watch your doggies being groomed.


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Tel: +65 64989820



Opening hours  11am - 7pm 

(Closed on Tuesdays)



Retail Store

7 Kampong Bahru Road

(LVL 1) Singapore 169342

Spa • Salon • Daycare • Academy

5A/7A Kampong Bahru Road

(LVL 1) Singapore 169341

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