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​Salon Team

At Dollhouse Pets, we have a team of highly-skilled Award-Winning senior stylists, SKC-Certified stylists, and pet grooming assistants who are dedicated to helping your furry companion live its best life. From a quick nail trimming session and a simple bath and blow-dry to a luxurious spa and an elaborate fur trim, our salon team offers a full suite of services to meet all of your pet’s grooming needs! We guarantee that every pet that sets their paws through our doors will leave smelling fabulous and looking like a million bucks!



Service Team

Have some questions about your pet’s health and nutrition, or simply need help with your booking or puppy consultation? Our friendly service team would be more than happy to assist you. Just give us a call at +65 6498 9820!


Daycare Team

Our daycare team is responsible for all aspects of care at our daycare centre for pets. This includes house-keeping, preparing and serving meals, supervising playtime, taking them out for walks, cleaning up after them and tucking them into bed at night! With a team of experienced pet lovers who have gone through the necessary training in pet care, we strive to help your pets feel safe, secure and comfortable when you aren’t around.

We also understand that every pet is unique - they have different wants, needs, likes and dislikes. This is why at Dollhouse Pets, your precious ones are assigned personal carers who will go the extra mile in getting to know your pets to provide a highly customised pet care experience. In our hands, every stay with us is fun-filled and hassle-free for all!​

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    Senior Pet Stylist & Instructor

    For those of you who have been a longtime follower of our socials and salon, you’d have recognised Rachel! But for those who are new to Dollhouse Pets, hello there — this is Rachel, our founder and lead groomer at Dollhouse Pets. 

    With her love for animals and over a decade’s worth of experience as a professional pet groomer, Rachel has an almost uncanny way with animals that make even the most fidgety or wary of pets calm under her touch! ✨ Rachel believes that pet grooming is an art that not only requires a fervent love for pets, but also the strong desire for constant improvement. This belief has led her to start @dhacademysg, a grooming academy that aims to nurture aspiring pet groomers, and teach pet owners the 101 of caring for their pets even better.

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    XUE ER

    Senior Pet Stylist & Instructor

    Our customers love chatting with Xue Er about all-things pet-related and it’s not just because of her outgoing and bubbly personality! Xue Er has been in the pet grooming industry since the early 2000s and the years and years of interacting with different pets of various needs and personalities has helped her amass a wealth of knowledge in this field. Being in charge of operations, we think that she’s been doing a fabulous job at making sure that everything runs smoothly right here at Dollhouse Pets — don’t you think so too? 🤗

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    Senior Pet Stylist & Instructor

    Brandon owns a zoo — no, we’re kidding. But he *does* have a lot of pets. Would you like to take a guess at how many pets he has? 🤭

    Gentle, kind, caring, Brandon has worked with animals since 2013 and recently seized the title of Class A Overall Champion at the SKC Grooming Competition in 2019! He also teaches pet grooming at @dhacademysg so if you’re an aspiring pet groomer, or a pet parent who would love to learn the basics of pet care, be sure to sign up for our courses!

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    Pet Stylist

    Charlotte often spends what free time she has snuggling with her cat. And when she’s not, she’s either working hard at a marketing agency or grooming at Dollhouse Pets on the weekends to provide for her royal meowness, Meowmi 🐱 As with the other groomers at Dollhouse Pets, Charlotte loves working with animals and hopes to finally make that transition into a full-time groomer soon!

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    Retail Specialist

    When she’s not at Dollhouse Pets sharing her pet-care expertise and experiences with customers, Joelyn is out and about meeting her own clients as a full-time financial consultant. Cheerful, friendly and helpful, with an ardent love for animals, Joelyn often comes by the salon to help out! If you see her hustlin’ around the salon, don’t be shy to say hi! 


    Pet Stylist / Marketing Exec

    Ever since she was a little girl, Nicole has always dreamed of working with pets.✨  Yet, life took her on a different path to pursue a degree in marketing followed by a 9-5 job as a marketer. But life also has a way of coming full circle when Nicole decided to take a leap of faith to make a career switch. Now, she taps into her previous knowledge and experience in marketing to manage Dollhouse Pets’ socials and website while fulfilling her lifelong dream of working with animals!

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    Retail Specialist

    Although shy and reserved, when it comes to anything pet-related, Alicia is enthusiastic about sharing her knowledge, especially in pet products. She knows just the right shampoo for your doggo, and the best treats to bribe your kitty into staying still for her grooming session 😉  If you need product recommendations for your furkid, you know who to look for!


Tel: +65 6498 9820

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